In this time of Global emergency caused by COVID’19 Pandemic, it is the firm conviction – we are not living in fear but rather we are living in faith – that is enabling us to cope and look forward to our lives ahead with hope. Our Christian faith has taught us that nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood, Intervened and won over. However, in these times of enforced lockdowns, sufferings, and losses we may sometimes loose hope and be overwhelmed by a feeling of despair, pessimism, helplessness and eventual hopelessness. We are gathered here to facilitate our fellow brethren, who might be going through varied levels of such feelings, that could break them, if not intervened with timely assistance, to be supported by not only unprecedented kindness, but also with Unprecedented Spiritual, Psycho-Social, Professional Intervention services.

It is against this backdrop that CSI Trichy Tanjore Diocese and Bishop Heber College collaboratively vouched to take up a societal initiative to tackle the Crisis caused by the second wave of Covid 19. Prior experience of serving the community during the first wave of Covid 19, helped in arriving at specific interventions that were need based and most needed against the backdrop of the changing nature of the Virus, the morbidity it causes, the hospital facilities / provisions available to cater to the morbidity, the extent of the infection and the alternative livelihood options available in the context of the second wave as against the first wave.

We owe our gratitude to our Revered Bishop of Trichy Tanjore Diocese and Chairman & Secretary of our College governing council Rt. Rev.Dr.D. Chandrasekaran, for ‘sowing the seed’ for this need of the hour societal initiative – Setting up of a ‘Task Force to Fight Against Covid 19’ , and we had firm faith that God will ‘take care of the Growing’, the effective functioning of this Task Force, and through His mercies, the task force members would thrive with the required knowledge, skill, and resources, in empathetically reaching-out to those in distress.

Thus, CSI Trichy Tanjore Diocese and Bishop Heber College initiated a need of the hour Societal Initiative ‘Task Force Against Covid – 19’ on 20.05.2021 to intervene and alleviate the feelings of despair, pessimism, helplessness and hopelessness that patients of Covid and their families are enduring. The Task force would be lending support by not only showing unprecedented kindness, but also with Unprecedented Spiritual, Psycho-Social, Professional Intervention services. Revered Bishop of Trichy Tanjore Diocese and Chairman & Secretary of our College governing council Rt.Rev.Dr.D. Chandrasekaran, ‘sowed the seed’ for this need of the hour societal initiative and graced the occasion of its inauguration. Rev S. Sudharshan, Clerical Secretary, CSI Trichy Tanjore Diocese offered the opening Prayer. Principal Dr. D.Paul Dhyabaran, did the honors of Welcoming the August Gathering, Introducing the Societal Initiative ‘Task Force to Fight Against Covid 19’ and recorded his deep sense of gratitude for all the support received for this initiative to be a reality. Revered Bishop of Trichy Tanjore Diocese and the Chairman and Secretary of our College Governing Council Rt.Rev.Dr.D. Chandrasekaran shared his thoughts on the initiative ‘Task Force Against Covid – 19’ and expressed his concern on the havoc caused by the pandemic in the lives of many fellow brethren. He wished the task force effective co-ordination, facilitating reaching of the unreached possible, irrespective how remotely the call for help had come from. Dr.M. Senthil Kumar State NSS officer offered his felicitations and extended his teams’ support towards enabling effective interventions be made by the Task Force against Covid 19 repercussions. Dr.A. Relton, Head, Department of Social Work, explained the process to be adopted by the Task force and he listed the six areas the team would be intervening on namely Food Requirement, Prayer Request, Hospital Beds & Oxygen, Counselling, Ambulance Service, Funeral Support, Blood and Plasma Support. The service is envisaged to be rendered round the clock and call can be made to seek the service by calling the number 0431 2770136. DCC Chairman of Trichy Tanjore Diocese offered the closing prayer and Rt.Rev.Dr.D. Chandrasekaran, Bishop of Trichy Tanjore Diocese, and the Chairman and Secretary of Bishop Heber College offered the benediction.

The Task Force Against Covid 19 started functioning full-fledgedly from 25.05.21 onwards and on an average 30 calls seeking help under the six heads were received. Calls predominantly centered around request for Hospital beds with O2, Food requests, Ambulance services and Funeral Services. A few calls had come seeking for Prayer as well. The nature of the calls received; assistance rendered in a nutshell are as follows:


CUAC 2021 Online Seminar IV

 It is no accident that those who belong to the Christian Faith have been engaged in education. With this in mind, the 2017 CUAC Triennial in Chennai saw the launch of a key document: The Identity & Character of CUAC Institutions: A Declaration of Ideals. It is now time to review its impact and helpfulness.

To stimulate our reflections at the Annual Meeting, former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, offers us a specially recorded message connecting faith and education to inspire our work. This will be complemented by two views from the ‘shop floor’: Professors Christianna Singh and Rama Thirunamachandran. The floor will then be yours as we share our insights and experience from around the globe. 

Join Jeremy Law here for a brief video overview – no one can set the table better for what is in store in this conversation, and join us on the 7th of July to discover more… 

GENERAL SECRETARY: The Revd Canon James G. Callaway
PRODUCER: Francis Rivera

CUAC 2021 Online Seminar III

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CUAC Online Seminar II

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Online Seminar July 2020

TECHNOLOGY AND THE PANDEMIC: What are we learning?

Who could have imagined how prescient the London Triennial theme Saved by technology? would become overnight?  But now that “every CUAC institution is experiencing this pandemic everywhere in the world” as trustee Bishop Prince Singh recently reminded us, it is critical to start the conversation now.  In place of meeting in London at Whitelands College this year, it is my pleasure to offer two opportunities to engage your CUAC peers.